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I Guarantee This Critic Is Broke

Posted by: By Tom Woods | September 18, 2017

I can always delete nasty comments, but it’s usually more fun to make an example of them.

When I first read T. Harv Eker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, I didn’t believe it. He spends a lot of time discussing all the different kinds of self-defeating thinking and overall self-sabotage that guarantee a person will never be successful.

Nobody holds these attitudes, I thought.


Probably more people hold them than don’t.

I thought of this when someone left a dismissive comment on the important interview I did with Michael Cheney, affiliate marketer extraordinaire, over the weekend.

An affiliate marketer earns commissions by selling other people’s products.

Here’s the comment the guy left: “You too can make money off the efforts of people doing real work!”

I posted a response:

I could delete this comment, of course, but why would I? It’s such a perfect comment to make an example of.

First, the person writing this comment is broke. Of that we can be metaphysically certain.

Second, the person has zero understanding — even, one presumes, after listening to our discussion.

Let me address this as someone who himself recruits affiliates (for my Liberty Classroom website). My affiliates are worth their weight in gold to me. They find people I could never reach and bring them to my product. I am so delighted with this that last year I gave away a brand new car to my top affiliate, plus $5000 in cash prizes to my next nine affiliates, in addition to their 50% commissions.

Who the heck cares whether we call what an affiliate does ‘real work’? (It obviously is, but never mind.) It brings me, the product creator, new customers!

How is it different in principle from standard advertising? I create a product, and then I pay for an ad somewhere. I can imagine Mr. Genius here complaining that the place running my ad is making money off my ‘real work.’ So I shouldn’t advertise?

Product creators WANT affiliates. In Internet marketing they compete like crazy to recruit them.

In fact, if he’d been listening, the critic would have noted that Michael so appreciates what affiliates do that he offers them 100% commissions on his front-end products, his upsells, and his recurring payment programs.

Got that? He gives his affiliates all the money.

(If you listened to the interview, you know what’s in it for him.)

That sounded like a good deal to me, so I became a Cheney affiliate. Best business decision I ever made, times a thousand.

Here are my results: with a small email list (my entrepreneurship one is small), I wrote a week’s worth of emails promoting a Cheney product. He takes it from there.

That has generated $25,818.74.

What the…??

I asked the same thing, believe me. What the heck am I, a late-night infomercial? And I totally get that if you didn’t know me, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

(Sometime soon I’ll make a video with proof, in case you’re skeptical.)

Whether or not it’s “real work,” you sure can make out like a bandit online with Cheney. I have personal experience here.

We’re going to discuss how I did it at a special event — which is not being recorded, so do make an effort to be there live.

Every detail will be shared.

(And no, you don’t need an email list to do it.)

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