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Got the Stuffings Beat Out of Me in a Sales Contest

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 25, 2017

Everything in the story you are about to hear is true.

Not even the names have been changed.

I was once involved in a sales contest. I was an affiliate. I earned commissions every time someone bought through my link.

In many such contests, the product creator offers prizes to the top affiliates, in addition to the commissions.

For this product, there were three prizes.

LEADS CONTEST. Whoever got the most people to sign up for the creator’s free content earned $20,000. That’s not a misprint. $20,000. In addition to commissions.

OVERALL SALES CONTEST. Whoever sold the most units over the 10-day period when the product was available earned $50,000. That, too, was in addition to commissions.

FINAL 36 HOURS CONTEST. Whoever sold the most units in the final 36 hours before the doors were closed on the product earned $50,000. Again, in addition to commissions.

Ready for the winners’ names?


So over the course of two weeks, Mark Ling earned $120,000 in prizes alone. Add in commissions, and he earned well over half a million dollars in two weeks. Possibly as much as $700,000.

How do I know?

As I said, I was in the contest, too.

I read all the updates, and I in effect watched Mark do this.

Lesson: he knows what he’s talking about. He can make sales like nobody’s business.

So no, his claims are not unrealistic. I’ve watched him live them, close up.

Here’s the model he follows to crush it this insanely:

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