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I Got into Bitcoin, and Here's How It Turned Out

Posted by: By Tom Woods | November 18, 2017

You could say I got lucky.

I happened to meet with a bunch of knowledgeable Bitcoin advocates a number of years ago, and they spent a good amount of time discussing its merits and prospects with me.

Eventually (not right away), I decided to buy in. Bitcoin was at $550. It’s at nearly $8,000 today. So that worked out.

With gains like that, Bitcoin has everyone’s attention. People wonder: should I get in now? Will it continue to go up? Or would I be getting in at the top?

I won’t presume to answer those questions for you. But I’ll say this: a lot of these questions are coming from people with the inaction gene. They know they should have done X, but some kind of mental paralysis stopped them.

Same goes with all this online stuff: someday winds up becoming never.

So I’m making it easy.

Unlike a Bitcoin buy, which requires you to scrounge up some dough, here’s a training program in affiliate marketing whose usual $27 price tag I got waived for you.

Don’t let that have been in vain. Accept this gift:

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