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Dumbest Business-Related Comment of the Past 20 Years?

Posted by: By Tom Woods | January 04, 2017

Best clueless line of all time:

“By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.”

That was Paul Krugman in 1998.


Actually, the Internet has changed everything.

And it has made possible the kind of lifestyle I myself enjoy: wherever there’s WiFi, I can work. No boss, no fixed schedule, no workplace politics, no physical inventory. Just doing what I love to do.

One of my favorite early Internet stories:

Steve Hogarth, of the band Marillion (which has sold in excess of 15 million albums), tried explaining to American audiences that he couldn’t afford to tour in the U.S. The books just didn’t balance. Their fan base was in Europe.

But on the fledgling Internet of the 1990s, Marillion fans banded together and raised $60,000 — and then pledged to buy tickets on top of that if Marillion came. Which they did.

Hogarth (whom I have interviewed on the Tom Woods Show) later noted that here he was the lead singer, and he had no idea this was even going on. Suddenly, they had this pile of money.

But he was a quick learner. “Whatever this Internet thing is, we’d better get on it,” he said.

He then crowdsourced their next album, long before Kickstarter. He told fans: we’d like you to buy our next album before we even record it.

OK, sure, they said.

Every fan who pre-ordered the nonexistent album was thanked inside the album sleeve when it came out.

Other struggling bands, not wise to the benefits of the Internet, missed out on these advantages and opportunities.

Even now, in 2017, small businesses are being left out of the raging cash machine that is the Internet. They have no website, or a ridiculous one.

Meanwhile, the Steve Hogarths of the world are cleaning up.

That’s where you come in. I have a tremendous platform you can use that has pre-built templates for scores of business niches. Play around with the template to make it unique, insert the info for a local business, and voila: you have a great website nobody else is going to approach that business to offer.

It’s an excellent side (or main) business opportunity, even for young people.

Don’t even think about missing the workshop we’re holding this Thursday to show you how to do it, even if you’re a design-impaired, low-tech doofus like me.

Reserve your spot:

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