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My Day: Taunted Officer, Got License Suspended

Posted by: By Tom Woods | September 26, 2017

I’m writing to you from an Uber car.


My license was confiscated Sunday night.

As I was leaving our development and heading onto the main road, I noticed a police car that had just taken up its position to stop speeders. My Valentine One radar detector was going crazy. As I drove by, I said so my companion could hear, “Not today, copper! You’ll have to try harder than that!”

The policeman obviously couldn’t hear me. But yet, even though I wasn’t speeding, he started chasing me, and pulled me over.

What the heck?

I had made a “rolling stop” on my way out of our development.

OK, I get that’s not allowed. But from that vantage point, you can see for at least a quarter of a mile. There were no cars at all. Unless some new model of car that can travel 500 miles per hour has come onto the market, there was zero chance of any danger.

Back to the story: the policeman gave me good news and bad news.

Good news: I wasn’t being written up for the stop sign matter.

Bad news: my license was suspended.


Evidently I hadn’t paid a ticket from some time ago (before I had the Valentine One). I could swear I had. So he confiscated my license.

(UPDATE: Apparently I did pay it, but late, so a late fee had accrued that I hadn’t known about.)

And now I’m on my way to the courthouse to take care of it, and then to the DMV to get a whole new license.

A solid half day wasted.

Know what won’t be wasted? The time you spend with Michael Cheney and me tomorrow as we review the affiliate method I used (a method you’ve probably seen me use!) to rake in a mind-blowing $25,818.74 after a week’s part-time work.

That can’t be, Woods!

Oh, but it can.

(Actually, that’s chump change for people in this industry, but to me it’s downright amazing.)

And yes, I’m well aware I sound like one of those old late-night infomercials. Except this actually happened to me (and a few of you have actually observed it happening in real time).

Even better: I’m donating $5 to for every live attendee.

So ignore that stop sign entirely and zoom on over to the link to register:

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