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How I Blew Through $20K in the Past 48 Hours

Posted by: By Tom Woods | September 22, 2017

Last Sunday as I finished lunch with my kids, I discovered I’d just earned a $1000 commission — for a product I wasn’t even promoting.

Then yesterday, while driving one of my kids’ friends home, my phone alerted me to yet another $1000 commission.

That’s amazing.

This is in addition to the $25,818.74 I’d already pulled in via the same method, after working part time for a week.

I don’t think I’ve ever earned that much money with so little effort before.

And yes, I realize that figure sounds ridiculous and beyond belief. It’s so ridiculous it wouldn’t even occur to me to invent it.

(In my interview with Internet marketer extraordinaire Michael Cheney on episode #1002 of the Tom Woods Show we explained the gist of it.)

So it was easy for me to give most of it away.

A few days ago I found out that the folks who organize the Austrian Student Scholars Conference had lost half their traditional funding, and were $10,000 short.

This conference is an important transmission belt to bring bright young students into Austrian economics. It really matters. So when Professor Jeff Herbener mentioned the problem to me, I told him I’d supply the rest of the money. The conference is on.

Then today: there is a crisis pregnancy center near where we live that does truly heroic work and whose operations we are familiar enough with to feel comfortable supporting. It was literally facing the prospect of closing its doors this month. So I gave them $10,000, too.

I typically keep my charitable giving to myself. It’s obnoxious not to. But in this case I think it illustrates something important: the easier the money was to earn, the easier it was to part with. And I know I’ve done some good with it.

That money is due entirely to Michael Cheney.

People are doing what I’m doing without an email list or even a website.


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P.S. In the spirit of this post, I’m donating $5 to for every person who shows up live.

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