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Big Companies Are Killing the Little Guy? I Call BS

Posted by: By Tom Woods | March 14, 2017

We hear it all the time: big companies are crushing their smaller competitors.

Amazon is offered as a case in point.

These people are thinking about it the wrong way. Thanks to Amazon, small booksellers that would otherwise have struggled to keep their doors open can now make their products available for sale via an international infrastructure that gets massive traffic, and which they themselves didn’t have to lift a finger to create.

Amazon was the savior, not the killer, of these companies.

And the same goes for you: if you had something to sell, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the brand recognition and huge traffic of a site like Amazon?

But Woods, you say, I have nothing to sell.

That’s what you think. But using print on demand services, you can have something to sell 20 minutes from now, and not have to buy (or ever touch) inventory.

Mugs, pillow cases, all kinds of things become impulse purchases when they feature or say things that appeal to people in particular niches.

And in the same way modern technology makes it possible for a technical dolt like me to do audio editing, it also makes it possible for an artistic dolt like me (and you, perhaps…?) to get a design or a saying, put it on a product, and sell it through Amazon and other eCommerce sites.

Other people are doing this every single day, using free tools available to anyone.

It’s a perfect little spare-time project — and one that can turn into a whole lot more.

Want to watch it done right before your eyes? Join me for a presentation with Rachel Rofe, who’s an expert at this, on Thursday:

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