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Anatomy of a Crappy, Crappy, Crappy eBook

Posted by: By Tom Woods | October 12, 2017

eBook giver-awayer: “Hey, I’ve got a free eBook for you! It’s great! It’s all about X!”

normal person: “Why, that sounds great, sir! I’ll sign up for it right now!”

[two minutes later]

normal person: “What the @#$%^& is this piece of %$#@?”

We’ve all been there.

“Hey, here’s an eBook in which I speak in pointless generalities that couldn’t possibly help you!”

Not this one.

Fred Lam’s book Starting From Zero: How to Build an Online Business When You’re Starting From Nothing features a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki, who has serious credibility. And it deals very specifically with every question you might have about opening an eCommerce store, which I featured success stories from on episode 1018 of my podcast.

— Where do I get the products?
— How can I do this without holding inventory?
— How do I set up the store?
— How do I decide how to set the products’ prices?
— How do I keep my budget under $100?
— Which of the zillion available apps does my store really need to work well?
— How do I drive traffic to my store?
— Once I’m successful, how do I scale up?

It’s a miracle: an actual book.

But you’re running out of time to get it.

Sign up for our workshop that’s taking place tomorrow (Friday, October 13) and you’ll receive Fred’s book electronically, for free.


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