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A (Successful) Newbie's Story

Posted by: By Tom Woods | May 20, 2017

If I were to tell you, hey, there’s this guy with five kids, living in Kansas, who created a digital product online and had mad success with it, you’d say: Woods, give us a break. We know that’s you.

Well, (1) I live in Florida now, and (2) no, it isn’t!

It’s another father of five from Kansas.

Steven Alvey is a regular guy in every conceivable way. He decided he was going to crack into the online income game whatever it took.

And when he launched his first product online, it brought in $20,000 in two weeks and gave him a beautiful buyers’ email list. (Since I’ve bought from Steven, I’m on that list, too.)

Now by typical Internet marketing standards, that’s actually a small return for a product launch, believe it or not. But for a newbie, and I’ll bet for most people reading this, it’s almost inconceivable.

I’ve had a bunch of you asking me, over at my secret email address, about creating products. It seems daunting to a lot of people.

Well, Steven actually wrote out exactly what he did, from start to finish — including his mistakes. (That’s unusual, by the way: people in this industry sometimes delight in appearing infallible.)

So if you’re curious about how a complete newbie went about creating a product, making it available for sale, and enjoying that kind of success, check out his case study while he’s still practically giving it away:

P.S. Not a fan of the cheesy video. But remember, he’s a newbie. 🙂

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